Uptrend Credit Solutions Pivots to Become Fintech Credit Reporting Services and Financial Education Provider - Small Credit Repair Company Works to Help Clients Achieve 21st Century Financial Literacy

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Monday, March 28, 2022 at 12:38pm UTC

Uptrend Credit Solutions Pivots to Become Fintech Credit Reporting Services and Financial Education Provider - Small Credit Repair Company Works to Help Clients Achieve 21st Century Financial Literacy

PR Newswire

'Build good credit, grow your knowledge, and control your credit score'

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CEO of Uptrend Credit Solutions, Wes Paul, recently unveiled his company's shift from a single-focused credit repair agency to a full fintech platform offering a wide array of credit reporting, restoration, and education services. Over the next few months, Uptrend will roll out multiple financial literacy programs and services that help people repair their credit – while also offering credit monitoring and education as part of the new company focus. Uptrend has always had a strong interest in helping to educate underserved and minority communities, especially those hardest hit financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wes Paul shared his thoughts on Uptrend's new direction:
"The news was released when Intuit recently purchased Credit Karma for over 8 billion dollars, I find it most intriguing because I know that the credit repair/monitoring business is still missing a crucial element. When I started this journey, I knew immediately I wanted to do something more than credit repair. And primarily, that has to do with relationships – financial relationships with credit companies and banks, yes – but also personal relationships with the people involved. After I attended a credit conference last year, I was able to begin building the necessary relationships with industry reps and executives to start putting the pieces in place for this business."

"We stand out from a saturated industry mainly because we ventured into both sides," explained Paul. "We once shifted from being a service-based business to a product-based one, and now, we will shift once more from a product-based business coming back to a service-based one. We have accumulated a great deal of data from helping thousands of credit-repair clients. We know what they need, and we know what works. As part of our journey as a service-based company, we offer affordable prices for the service/help we provide – giving subprime communities and minorities the opportunity to improve their credit without breaking the bank."

The Uptrend Credit Advantage: Building and Maintaining Great Credit
To help thousands of people is the goal of this transitioning company. Uptrend Credit specializes in providing in-depth credit education to help underserved individuals and communities in learning the importance of being financially responsible. Walking with the friendly Uptrend ambassador, Tiko the Panda, customers can have their credit scores and reports displayed in an easy-to-understand platform that will also help them build credit literacy and work toward generational wealth. Generational wealth is one of the secrets to prolonged financial success, and that starts with good credit.

Wes Paul's background and How it Become a Motivation:
"I was a server when the pandemic came, and I lost my job," said Paul. "But before being a server, I always had a deep passion for money and personal finance. It is a topic I have studied widely and deeply. When I lost that job, I was at my lowest point, so I knew I had to do something. And that's how I started a credit repair company. About a month and a half later, I was able to start hiring people and build a team. You can still follow your dreams in this country, but it starts with repairing your credit – with getting a financial education. And people ask me when is the best time to take a risk in life, I always tell them the simple answer: the best time is when you have nothing."

Wesley Paul side advice:

"The best advice I can give is to believe in yourself, and I say that because, along your journey of entrepreneurship, doubt and failing moments are going to come. You cannot have doubt and failing moments make you believe you are a failure. SO, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF BECAUSE IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, YOU COULD REALLY OVERCOME ANYTHING SPECIALLY IN THIS DAY OF AGE."

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About Uptrend Credit Solutions
Uptrend Credit is a fintech platform that specializes in providing in-depth credit monitoring and education to help underserved individuals and communities understand their options. Uptrend Credit has always believed that anyone can achieve financial freedom by leveraging credit, through the power of education and financial literacy. The path to a brighter financial future begins with good credit. Uptrend Credit Solutions can help. Fully licensed, insured, and accredited by the BBB, learn more at: www.UptrendCredit.com.

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